Greece, Santorini
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Santorini, the Island Life

Located in the scattered puzzle pieces south of central Greece is a small island called Santorini.  Known as one of the most romantic island get aways, I definitely fell in love with this place the moment I landed.  White houses, gorgeous mountain views and of course the famous sunsets.  We were escorted to Stelios place from the airport to our hotel which was absolutely serene.  A large pool surrounded by palm trees and these beautiful sweet flowers lined the place which gave off the most heavenly vanilla scent.
Greek frappe and greek yogurt for breakfast.  What else?  
We lounged in Perissa Beach right after settling down in our hotel.  It was so nice relaxing to the sound of the waves and a quiet beach after weeks of non stop traveling in busy cities.
We rounded the corner to grab some food before heading into the city of Fira.  One thing I really enjoy about Santorini is that island life!  Everyone is so relaxed and friendly.  This is what I call a vacation.
After Perissa, we made a trip to the island’s main city: Fira.  Fira is also very beautiful with its bustling shops and splendid views.  If I had to describe it in one sentence, it is like Venice on mountains.  Super picturesque and breath taking in every way possible. 
We finished the day relatively early, grabbing gyros to go from a little stand.  I find that humble little shops usually have some of the best food.. forget about fancy restaurants.  They can easily be tourist traps.  We ate peacefully by the poolside at our hotel.  We had the whole place to ourselves…it was the perfect way to end our first day in Santorini and ready ourselves for a full day jam packed with island exploring! 
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An avid trailer with a thirst to experience this beautiful planet Earth as much as I can within my lifetime. People often travel to escape life. To escape the stress of work, to get away from something, or to take a breather from a seemingly boring lifestyle. I created Great Escapes to capture beautiful moments in my travels across the world in hopes of inspiring you to see travel not as a means to escape life, but for life not to escape us.

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