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Santorini Day 2: Sailing, Volcano climbing, Donkey taxis & Sunsets in Oia

We only had two days in Santorini and we were intent to squeeze as much fun out of this little island as possible by signing up for an intense all day tour.  We fueled up at our favorite local cafe with savory crepes, and greek yogurt with muesli.  
 The crepe was perfectly toasted and satisfying
 Our first stop was hopping on board this awesome sail boat and heading towards our first stop… a volcano.  Yes, we were about to climb a volcano. 
 Pro tip: sandals or flip flops are NOT a good idea.  It was painful enough for me walking up with sneakers, I can’t imagine how bad it would be in flip flops.  Fortunately the air was dry because it was pretty darn hot hiking up these steep rocky hills.  
 I don’t fare so well in high altitudes so this was quite challenging for me.  But when we reached the top, I was really taken back by the natural scenery.  You only see this stuff on TV and books right?  Experiencing it in person is a whole new level
 After descending the volcano we were taken to a body of water via sailboat that was supposed to be hot springs.  People were invited to dive into the water and swim around.  The water was infused with some sort of sulfate that gave it a reddish color.  I didn’t go in but it was fun watching people leap into the water.  (Missing photos here because I forgot my camera… silly me).  By the time people had their fill of swimming we were all famished.  Our tour took us to a nearby island to gorge on the island’s seafood offerings.  It was a bit on the pricey side but the food was out of this world!  I had the most succulent grilled squid and delicious greek salad with creamy feta cheese.  Then sat by the ocean and watched the crystal clear waters gently caressing the shore.  I was kicking myself that I wasn’t able to capture the moment but that just means I have to go back and experience it again 😉
 Our last event was the most highly anticipated, watching the famous sunset at the pinnacle of Oia.  We were dropped off via sailboat and were left to make our way up to the top and find the best spot to admire the sun.  We were pretty beat after a long day so we decided to hail a donkey taxi!  These guys were the most convenient mode of transportation given the rough architecture of the island.
 We hopped on a donkey and climbed up the stairs to the top of the mountain
 It looks fun but it was actually a pretty SCARY experience.  You get thrown back and forth as the donkey walks up the stairs and every once in a while they lean towards the edge of the mountain.  So basically…one slip or one toss and you fall straight down.  ANYWAYS.  10mins of that was more than enough for me!!  
 Here’s the glorious view from the top of Oia.  Just when I thought yesterday Fira offered some stunning landscape I was confronted with even more beauty


 Watching the sunset in Oia is considered one of the more romantic activities so as the day went on, more and more people were scurrying around, finding the best place to settle down for the sunset.
 It was pretty mesmerizing… seeing the sun lower down into the water’s horizon, getting a clear unobstructed view of how the rays softly touched everything with its orange haze.
Spending time quietly with my Santorini friends after a long day was so pleasant 🙂 Although, we pledged to come back here with our other half and experience this again in a more romantic light.  Santorini was amazing and I cannot wait to come back again in the near future.
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