Barcelona, Spain
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Navigating the Streets of Barcelona

With a full day of walking ahead of us, there was only one right way to start the morning off; with one big cappuccino.  Spanish coffee is not bad I must say. 
 Our first stop was an old church that was a recommended stop by our tour guide from yesterday.  It was nice, but having seen a fair share of religious buildings it was nothing spectacular.  It was also quite difficult to find given it was tucked away in a quiet area.  
 After that we headed to the shopping area near Las Ramblas and proceeded to shop til we dropped.  There were SO many sales going on and I found the Zaras and H&M’s in Europe had noticeably better merchandise.  Every time I walked into an H&M I would come back out with something… and this almost never happens at home.  Here’s the damage.
Settling down for a quick lunch in between shopping.  Sandwiches in Europe are 10x better than ones in Toronto… 
 Finally, the main architect star in Barcelona is none other than THE Antoni Gaudi.  This guy definitely deserves a wiki mention here because his creations are absolutely nuts.  The man’s a genius.  We went on to visit many of his buildings in Barcelona, starting with the Guell Palace which was a mansion commissioned by Eusebi Guell.  
  Gaudi’s works are so distinct with a pronounced gothic edge and the use of whimsical colors, patterns, shapes and textures.  A treat for anyone interested in art and architecture.  
After visiting Guell Park we strolled back up Las Ramblas and….guess what we saw in one of the many open stalls lining the street.  Yup… we couldn’t resist taking a photo.  What kind of a joke was this?!  Can you imagine growing this in your backyard?
 ANYWAYS!  We wandered off to see some more of Gaudi’s amazing architecture.  This one below is the Casa Batlló.  Entrance fee was pretty high we decided to just admire from the outside this time.  Check out the skull balcony.  Very cool.  Looks like a Tim Burton kind of house.
 This one is located very close to Casa Batlló and it’s called Casa Mila or La Pedrera.
 After a full day of walking around we were starving.  It was time to taste Spain’s other national dish: Paella.  No joke, we literally walked up and down streets for a good solid hour or so to find the perfect restaurant that would serve us the best paella.  We hit a winner at Cachitos.  Not only was the service very good but every dish was on point.  We started off by quenching our thirst with a jug of cool, fruity Sangria.  It really hits the spot on a hot day.  
 For our appetizer, we had a prawn salad with olive oil and balsamic reduction.  Very tasty and a good starter for the palette. 
 We splurged on a seafood paella and it was totally worth the few extra euros and the wait.  This dish was BOMB.  Grains of hearty risotto-like rice infused with deep seafood flavor.  The claims, mussels and shrimp were very sweet and juicy.  Every spoonful was bursting with flavor.  So good.  I still get dreams about this paella.  
 We were pretty full by then but figure we might as well finish off an excellent meal with dessert.  We were recommended this bread pudding with vanilla ice cream.  It was delicious.  I love how they torched the top of the bread pudding for a lovely texture contrast and the ice cream was generously laced with vanilla bean.
 Tomorrow, for our last day in Barcelona we hit up some more of Gaudi’s creations including THE Sagrada Familia.  
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