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Berlin: Activities & Sightseeing – Flea Markets, TV Tower and mobs

One of the first places I visited in Berlin was a popular flea market in Mauerpark on Eberwalder str. (get off U-bahn Bernauer Str.).  It’s a great place to check out on Sundays when most shops are closed in Berlin.  The flea market is HUGE and complete with a large array of food trucks and every possible object you can imagine.  Everything from clothes to tribal jewelry to lamps and typewriters.
Here’s a snack cart that was churning out freshly sliced and deep fried potato chips on skewers
Rows and rows of STUFFFF
I thought these old school cameras were kind of cool.
While most stalls were nicely set up and attempted to be visually attractive, this corner just was the junk pile where one man’s trash becomes another man’s treasure.  I only really glanced at most of the stuff as I always had to keep in mind my limited luggage space but if I had spent more time diligently sorted through the boxes, I think I’d find some real gems.
This is the view near my school outside Hausvogteiplatz station.  There is a modest scattering of restaurants and cafes in the area.  One of the best places to sit outside and relax with a bite.
When I landed in Berlin, there was such an overwhelming number of places to go and things to do that I didn’t know where to start.  I got lost during my first few days there of course, but those trips always led me to some very interesting places.  This one was a fountain near AlexanderPlatz station depicting Neptune.
And you can see the famous TV Tower very clearly in this wide open area as well.  I didn’t go up there, but it’s for broadcasting (duh) and a huge tourist attraction (4th tallest structure in Europe).
All across Berlin are these cute little bears called “Buddy Bears” Here’s an excerpt on how they have become such an icon in Berlin
“The story of the Buddy Bears started with an artistic event in Berlin in 2001. Inspired by the idea of bringing art in the streets of a metropolis like the cow parade in Zurich and New York, the initiators of the Buddy Bears, Klaus und Eva Herlitz, decided to start a street art project in Berlin. It was quickly agreed that a bear would be the ideal sculpture for the backdrops of the German metropolis. The bear – Berlin’s heraldic animal with a high level of public appeal – was envisaged to capture the hearts of Berliners and their guests in various different designs.”
These were the first couple of bears I saw when I was just getting acquainted with the city.  You’ll see more of these guys in later posts 🙂

I’ll end off with a slightly disturbing image.  During my first week, I was casually doing some grocery shopping and when I came out I saw THIS.  It was not an angry protest but there were certainly cops around to ensure the mob didn’t do anything out of hand.  Then later I notice that these protests are actually quite common in Berlin. 
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