Berlin, Germany
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Berlin: Mosque, Shopping & Outdoor Market

Our first excursion was to a Mosque.  This was my second time visiting a Mosque, the first time being a field trip for my religion course in high school!  We learned some very interesting things about the architecture and the religion itself throughout the discourse of its history in Berlin.
Outside is a graveyard displayed very openly and unapologetically. 
The interior is very colorful, adorned with different shapes and patterns all with its own symbolic meaning
There is a lot of symbolism around Earthly elements.  But the thing I found the most fascinating is this huge chandelier hanging in the center of the Mosque.  The opaque orbs are actually ostrich eggs. They have a very practical use; to repel spiders and prevent the accumulation of webs near the top of the dome where it would be hard to clean.  
Observing prayers

After that we took off on a nice little walk towards our lunch destination at a traditional Turkish restaurant.  Our professor took us on a little detour into a (restricted) neighborhood backyard.  These buildings are a living piece of history.  It is constructed so that the shared backyard is inwards facing with four walls enclosing it.  These houses were mainly occupied with non-Germans.
Before tucking into our meal, we walked through a HUGE open market.  The strip is just one narrow lane and it seemed to stretch on forever.  This guy doesn’t look too happy about being in my shot (haha).
After lunch at Hadigari, we wandered around the area to check out the neighborhood.  We stumbled across this cute little vintage clothing store that came equipped with a built in cafe.
Sip espresso and shop vintage.  Great combo
People just chilling.  Outside the relm of hustle and bustle germans doing the daily grind at work, they actually really know how to enjoy the outdoors and take in their surroundings. 
One of my frequent fav spots for shopping and eating is Hackeshr Markt.  It’s fun little neighborhood with a lot of little nooks and crannies to explore and little gems nestled in unexpected places.  I think while we were strolling around we decided to take a detour in some little alley and lo and behold found a whole new district that resembled a hobo chic yorkville with some historic charm.
Here you see the encased backyard concept I was talking about earlier more clearly. This one was of course more glommed up with cafes and gelateries. 
Came across a Karl Lagerfeld shop!  So many cool Europe shops in this area including international brands and indie stores as well.  
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