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Baltimore, MD

Driving along the East Coast, the one food – amongst the many – that was on our to-eat list was really good seafood.  Baltimore offered an abundance of seafood restaurants, all of which came with pretty hefty price tags.  I know seafood in general is pricier, but we must have been pretty deep in touristy/busy district because the prices we saw were pretty inflated.
Crab cakes
We settled for an Italian family-owned restaurant called Sebastian which was a modest little place tucked into Little Italy.  The service was superb and the food was absolutely delicious.  For our appetizer, we shared a portabello mushroom stuffed with a generous amount of crab meat. For our mains, I got pan fried jumbo shrimp with a side of pasta in marinara sauce.  K got this amazing melt-in-your-mouth Chilean sea bass on penne.  The whole meal was definitely a splurge but I haven’t had such delicious seafood in a while so I think it was worth it.
Fried shrimp and penne
The next day we got up bright and early to check out a breakfast joint located a few blocks away from the harbor where we saw some cool looking sail boats.
Large ship in Baltimore
Miss Shirley's brunch
Miss Shirley’s is a cute little cafe that was already packed by the time we arrived.  People around us all had huge plates of scrumptious food.  K ordered peach pancakes which were fluffy and stuffed with plenty of fruit between the layers. 
Peach pancakes
I had one of their signature dishes: Crab cake Eggs Benedict on fried green tomato.  Essentially a seafood twist on the traditional eggs benny.  The crab cake was loaded with chunks of meat and the eggs were poached to perfection.  The fried green tomato was surprisingly a very good texture contrast to the dish and offered a really nice crisp.
Crab eggs benedict with fried tomatoes
Empty plates
Killed it
Coffee truck
On our way back to the car we saw this red food truck with a blaring $.26 coffee… wait what??  $.26 for a cup of coffee???  Upon further inquiry, it turns out the truck was actually the marketing strategy of a financial company to promote their “at-cost” services.  We both nabbed some coffee for a combined total of $.56.  
Baltimore baseball stadium
There is a community spirit for baseball in Baltimore.  They take it very seriously… to the point where every time there is a game held in the city, people would host BBQs, sell drinks and other cool stuff to cheer on their favorite team.
Statue of B. Robinson
There’s a sort of cohesiveness and bonding that comes from having this kind of collective community spirit that you don’t get in Toronto. 

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