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Hong Kong [Part 1] Eating boatloads of delicious food and performing surgery on Hairy Crabs

Despite being born and raised in Canada, every time I go back to Hong Kong to visit my family, it always feels like home.  Something about the fast paced lifestyle, the food, the culture… it just feels right.  This time I went with the bf and only had 10 days as opposed to my usual month long stay.  With such a tight timeline, everyday was packed with delicious food, glorious sight seeing, and lots of walking.  October offered comfortable weather conditions – dry wit temperatures hovering around mid to high 20’s.  Very comfortable compared to summers in Hong Kong!
After 16hours in the air, we arrived late at night and headed over to Tsui Wah for a quick midnight snack.  Tsui Wah (翠華集團) is a typical HK style cafe with multiple locations across HK island.  Warning: the Malaysian noodle soup was INSANELY spicy but the wonton soup was good, pretty standard.
The next morning decided to go for a classic milk tea, sammy and macaroni soup breakfast at Hao Wah (豪華).  Again, pretty standard, but the noodles were cooked better than most places.
Iconic towering buildings and skyscrapers
We actually came right in the middle of the pro-democracy protesting.  We were worried at first that conditions might be dangerous or that it would interfere with our vacation plans, but actually the entire movement was very peaceful and controlled during our stay.  Here are the fences and tents propped up in major locations such as Central, Mong Kok, and Admiralty.
For lunch we met up with a friend at Harbour City for Thai food at the newly opened Greyhound cafe.  The interior was very trendy and the food was quite nice.  I don’t usually like Pad Thai but the one they had here was quite tasty and not doused with food coloring and other artificial flavorings like the ones found in Toronto.
For dinner, we went to Xiao Nan Guo(小南國)and indulged in an 8-course shanghai meal with hairy crabs being the star dish.  The hairy crabs were in their peak season and bursting with creamy indulgent flesh.
The “hairy” part only refers to the furry patch attached to the claws.  The restaurant provided surgical gloves, scissors and a skewer to properly dissect and get every bit of crab flesh out.  It was a very entertaining meal, especially paired with warmed wine.  We were absolutely stuffed by the end of the meal which took roughly 3hrs.  The best part was that it only costs around 300HKD per person which is a steal.
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