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Hong Kong [Part 2] Repulse Bay, Yacht Club, Big Buddha, Ngong Ping 360

We started our morning with a stroll on Repulse Bay.  The mountains and buildings served as a beautiful backdrop to the relatively peaceful beach – apparently it’s usually full of people but has been quiet lately due to the protest (I suppose some positive things arise from public unrest).
 These properties are some of the most expensive in HK. I mean… who would’t want to wake up to a view like this everyday?
 The Kwan Yum Shrine is also located near the beach and offers a cultural place of interest for sightseeing.
 We took a short boat ride over to one of the 3 club houses for members of the Royal Yacht Club for a drink (side note: we were not the members ;P my lovely aunt took us).  Unfortunately… the place wasn’t even open yet, but the views were spectacular and totally worth the trip.  
 The food is fantastic in HK, and the levels of dining also range from extremely luxurious to extremely casual and run down.  However, sometimes the best food is found in hole-in-the-wall restaurants or simply places that TripAdvisor wouldn’t capture. 
 This was definitely one of them.  Located inside a Wet Market with buckets of live sea creatures swimming around.  You pick up whatever you want to eat, everything is still jumping around in the bag when you waltz upstairs to a food court looking area and tell the chefs to cook the seafood exactly how you want it.  It doesn’t get more fresh than this.  The clams were cooked in a delicious peppery broth with vermicelli soaking in the sweet clam juices.  Pan fried succulent shrimp and spicy calamari.  Everything was SO good.
 After stuffing our faces with some of the best seafood I’ve ever had, we decided to take the cable car ride up to see the Big Buddha.  The cable car is called Ngong Ping 360 and it’s quite a stunning ride up the gigantic lush mountains that surround HK island.
 In the same area as the Big Buddha, there is also a lot of other touristy stuff to do such as walking around the monastery, shrines, and other cultural points of interest.  We followed around a tour guide to listen in on the context behind the historical site (pro tip).
 The climb up to the Big Buddha is 268 steps which actually is not that bad if you walk at a steady pace.
 After climbing the stairs, there’s more to see, including a fantastic view of the landscape

 When we came down from the stairs, we saw cows roaming around!  Apparently before renovation of the area, it used to be a farm and now they just let them walk around since there’s no where else to keep them.  It was a little alarming at first, but they’re all just minding their own business.
 At night, we had dinner and dessert at The Peak which is the highest point in HK island.  K had some next level mango tofu pudding with tapioca that came in a liquid nitrogen bath.
 The night view is one of the most famous in the world.
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