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Hong Kong [Part 3] Lots of FOOD: Inakaya, Via Tokyo, Din Tai Fung

A blog post dedicated to food is pretty much mandatory considering that in order to immerse yourself in the full HK experience, you will have to come prepared with two stomachs.  We dined at the top of the tallest tower in HK (the International Commerce Center) at a Japanese restaurant called Inakaya.  
It was a slightly hazy day, but the views were beautiful none the less.  From this angle, you can see the entire landscape of HK island.

 We ordered a sushi set which comes with a selection of fresh fish, noodles, sashimi salad, and steamed egg.  Overall the food was on point, nothing mind blowing.  You are pretty much paying for the view here.
 Other delicious finds include this Japanese custard bun of sorts.  I don’t remember the name of the place but it was inside Harbour City.  Perhaps it doesn’t look the most photogenic, but if you’re a green tea lover, then this is a must try.  Smooth velvety green tea custard encased in a steaming fluffy bun.
 Afternoon coffee break with a flakey cinnamon roll.  Again…don’t remember the name of the place but it was tucked inside a commercial center in between Starbucks and Pacific Coffee <– a chain cafe that actually has some decent drinks.  
 We also tried the famous Tai Cheong‘s egg tarts.  I usually don’t eat these things because they’re not very healthy but what the heck, diet was out the door in HK.  You can choose a flakey pastry crust or a butter crust like the one I have here.  It was a very rich and buttery tart with smooth eggy filling.  It crumbled more easily and was more oily than most egg tarts I had – quite an indulgent treat.  I liked it, but probably wouldn’t go out of my way for another one.
On our way to try Din Tai Fung, a famous 1 michelin star Taiwanese dim sum restaurant, we saw these mobile classrooms.  I listened in on a bit of the lecture and the speaker was discussing the economic and political implications of the protest and the future of Hong Kong.  
 We ordered Xiao Long Bao (soup filled dumplings), potstickers, and some greens.  I thought the XLB were exceptionally good but everything else was just on par with what I can find in Toronto. 
 Late night dessert at Via Tokyo!  Their green tea soft serve is seriously something else… never have I tasted ice cream that had such an intense and aromatic green tea flavor.  I usually cannot finish a whole ice cream cone by myself but I downed this baby in no time.  
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