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Hong Kong [Part 4]: The Peak, Royal Yacht Club, and lots of great city views

We started the day off exploring a bit of the city core around Central and Sheung Wan.  It’s really interesting seeing the different districts and how buildings suddenly merge from run down to corporate towers.  I think there’s so much character in these streets.
 For lunch, we headed to a fairly remote area to dine in a very special restaurant located inside the 中華廚藝學院 (Hong Kong Culinary Academy).  What’s special about this place is that it is a training facility to groom students for a career in the hotel and catering industry.
 The purpose of having guests dine at this training facility is to allow the students to get hands on experience dealing with clients.  As such, only lunch is available and there is very limited seating.  Dozens of students dotted the dining area with their manager hovering closely to ensure everything from pouring the tea to explaining the dishes was done correctly.  
Guests were required to communicate purely in English to force the students to master the language.  It was a very interesting meal, we experienced servers nervously spilling over some soup and responding awkwardly in broken English when asked about the components of the dish.  Patience is definitely a must if you choose to dine here.  But otherwise, it was a relaxing atmosphere with tasty food at a reasonable price.
 After our meal, we drove up to The Peak again to see the city with a day view.  I can’t decide what I like better… both are breathtaking. 
 I would definitely recommend taking the Tram down the mountain. Not only is it very fun (literally like a slow roller coaster ride from the incline) but it was lovely capture other angles of the city from the descend. 
 The Tram ride takes you straight into Central.  Here you can see the deserted highway due to blockage from the protest.  This is actually a once in a lifetime sight as the highway is literally the only main road connecting the East and West side of HK island.  
 For dinner we headed to one of the restaurants reserved for Yacht Club Members. It was a bistro style restaurant and it had one killer view of the city.  Again… I’m not a Yacht Club Member (haha) you can get access if you go in with a member.
 The colorful lights reflecting off the water is so beautiful
Forget about dining from up high, I personally thought eating and enjoying great company beside the water and a perfect backdrop of the city was far more enjoyable.  You can get a fantastic view of the Light Show from this angle as well.  The food was very good, we ordered Chinese style tapas for everyone to share.  

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