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Hong Kong [Part 5] Wakeboarding, Laduree, High Tea, drinks at the Ritz Carlton

We started our day off bright and early (like 6:00am early) for wake boarding!  I’ve never tried it before, nor have I really done any sort of board sports before so I was pretty excited.  We drove to Tai Tam Bay to ride the waves with one of the most amazing scenic backdrops.
The water was warm, the sun was gentle and the breeze was lovely.  Although I spent most of the session swallowing salt water from falling (haha) it was still so much fun and I can’t wait to try it again.  
The wake boarding team 🙂
We were all so hungry and tired after wake boarding, this bowl of beef noodle soup with fish balls from On Lee really hit the spot.
Afterwards we took it easy and walked around the city, this time we managed to wander into the heart of the protest zones.
I won a bet earlier with K and this box of Laduree macarons was my reward 🙂 such a pretty box! 
Stopping by the Hilton Conrad for some fancy high tea.  These dainty tea sets are always a so-so experience as the food never seems to be fresh.  But it’s a relaxing afternoon cup of tea and a variety of flavors to sample while soaking in your surroundings.
For the evening, K took me to the tallest bar in the world – Ozone.  This bar is perched on top of the Ritz Carlton inside the ICC.  The place had a club-like vibe and the decor was all futuristic neon (not pictured, the scene was behind the bartenders)
Drinks here are not cheap… there’s a price to pay for viewing Hong Kong at this height.
With tips included, I think two drinks and two pitchers of water came to about $100 CAD, so sip slowly and enjoy the view!  The drinks were pretty good though and it came with a bowl of salted almonds.
Arrive early if you want a window seat because these hot spots get snatched up early.

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