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Hong Kong [Part 6] Blue Butcher, Gardens, LKF, Dragon Dance

We spent our last day in Hong Kong hitting up all the places that remained on our bucket list.  We started the day off with brunch at the Blue Butcher.  The picture below should explain the name..don’t worry, it’s not real blood. 
Apparently this place was extremely hard to book as people usually reserve up to a month in advance!  And for a good reason.  For a fixed price, they offer a buffet style selection of delicious salads all made form quality ingredients such as prosciutto, tuna steak, and beef.  They also have all-you-can-eat raw oysters, foie gras, and a waffle station.  This is just the first course by the way. 
For my main, I had eggs benedict over a slab of crusty bread.  Other options included French Toast, half roast chicken, and burgers.  The 3-course meal finishes with dessert which was very delicious as well.  I would highly recommend Blue Butcher!
After the heavy brunch, we walked around Hollywood road which is the oldest road in HK.  Lot’s little shops and such in the area.  You will also find the world’s longest escalator in the area too!  It literally spans a mountain and will save you a lot of walking uphill.  We bought some stuff from Goods of Desire  which is kind of like a souvenir shop, but MUCH cooler.
Of course we couldn’t leave without checking out LKF which is an area studding with bars and cultural foods.  There was some festival of sorts going on that day…but apparently they love to make up excuses to throw events to keep things fresh.  Definitely got a good party vibe from walking these streets. It really comes alive at night which is when you should really be coming here.
Desserted highway in the middle of Central.  Once in a life time photo opportunity!  Except that one car ruined the shot.  Not sure why it’s even there!
K really wanted to take me to this park near Central and my relatives were downplaying it as being a small and dinky little garden but it was actually so nice!  I don’t know what defines a really nice park in their eyes (haha).
We thought it was a really nice place for a date.  We even checked out a tea museum there; they teach you the perfect way to brew each type of tea. 
For dinner we had another a multi-course traditional Chinese meal and right below the building we saw this!  Fire Dragon Dance.  It was’t anything spectacular but still very cool to have witnessed it. 
Hong Kong has been amazing to us, full of amazing food and it was so refreshing to live in a vastly different culture and environment for 10 days.  We will definitely be back…but for now we take off to Australia! 🙂
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