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San Francisco: Traveling by Segway

Our last stop in California… San Francisco! One of the highlights of touring this city was definitely riding a Segway for the first time in Golden Gate Park. We rode with The Electric Tour Company. The guides were very thorough with their training and the pace was comfortable as we zipped across gardens, ancient trees, and historical landmarks in the park.  They have a bunch of other tours available but I would actually recommend going Segway on Golden Gate Park because it’s a lot of walking if you were to explore it fully by foot.
Girls on Segway in Golden Gate Park California

After Segway-ing, we headed to Santa Monica beach which is just an hour South of San Jose.  It’s quite a commercialized family beach complete with your usual amusement park and also a boardwalk with shops and other summer treats. Amusement park on Santa Cruz Boardwalk

The beach itself is not very big and the view is not that glamorous, but there are a few volleyball nets available.  It’s mostly just a fun place for family and friends to hang out and catch some rays.

Girls on Santa Cruz beach

Fisherman’s Wharf is a classic tourist strip with chain restaurants and activities.  It’s not very big, but there are a few decent attractions such as ferry rides, a huge Ghiradelli store, and seafood restaurants.  We were determined to have some good oysters and clam chowder which is what San Fran is known for.  The seafood restaurant that we hit up, Scoma’s,  was recommended by a local who raved about the food.  Overall the food was average but pricey.  The raw oysters were nothing special, and we also had a clam chowder but it was also nothing spectacular.  I would say Rodney’s Oyster House in Toronto is 10x better for your taste buds and wallet.Scoma Oysters in San Francisco Fisherman's Wharf

Boats on  Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco

Another cool spot we hit up was Stanford University, about 45min-1hr drive west of San Jose.  We were expecting quite a historic looking campus, but it was in fact fairly new and modern looking.  University of Toronto campus had a lot more going on than Stanford actually.  But still cool to stroll around to check it out.Stanford university library

Overall it’s been an amazing week in sunny state of California with a healthy mix of beach, food, and entertainment! 🙂

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