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Boston: Exploring Harvard and finding the best lobster roll

We started the day off with a nice jog around Jamaica Pond which was very close to the neighborhood we were staying in – Jamaica Plains.  I would describe JP as divided into two parts – The Ghetto and the Hipster hood.  The Ghetto is pretty run down and sketchy while the other side is lined with cute little shops and home to quite a wealthy looking group of folks.  I just remember seeing huge mansion size houses near Jamaica Pond when we were jogging.  By the way, its not really a ‘pond’ one lap around the body of water is about 2.5km.  After getting a good sweat we stopped by one of the indie cafes in the neighborhood called 7 Pond Coffee Bar to grab a well deserved Americano and croissant.

coffee and croissant in a cafe

The cafe was actually one of the most clever and well thought out spaced I’ve seen.  The scafe is tiny, but the way it was designed maximized every square foot.  The photo here doesn’t do it justice… the quality of the interior design was also on par with their coffee – rich and full of flavor.  Barista making coffee

Boston, being next to a harbor, is known for their seafood.  We had our fill of oysters and clam chowders… an excellent lobster roll would be the perfect finish to our Boston trip.  We looked up a few places and settled on a little seafood shack in Cambridge called Alive and Kicking.  The name speaks for itself.  The owners do their own fishing (proof in all the lobster cages lying around) and cook everything up fresh.  A lot of people just ordered a boiled lobster and did their own peeling.  Alive and Kicking decided to be rebellious and use toast instead of the traditional roll for their famous lobster sandwich.lobster sandwich and seafood chowder in cambridge

They put in a fair bit of lobster meat with just the right amount of dressing to bring out the sweet flavor of the flesh.  It was very satisfying and we loved the crunch of the toasted bread.  We had this with a clam chowder which was also delicious.  lobster sandwich

Of course, we had to pay a visit to Harvard University.  Their buildings were definitely a reflection of the oldest institute of higher education in America.  Most of their buildings required a Harvard card to enter, however there were a few including the student center that were open to the public.  harvard university

A lot of tourists actually get a good kick out of taking a photo with a diploma and hat to pretend that they graduated form Harvard.  harvard university library

Harvard Square is a cool area bursting with student vibes and energy.  Shops, cafes and restaurants are plentiful.  I’d definitely recommend taking some time to walk around and explore the area.  I stopped for some yummy Pinkberry.frozen yogurt pinkberry in harvard square

For dinner we went over to the same restaurant we had raw oysters the previous day – Precinct.  We saw some people order a delicious looking charcuterie board and so we decided to try as well.  For $18 you get a generous spread of cheese and meats with some fresh grapes, mustard, jelly, and crostini on the side.  couple having dinner

Let me zoom out to show you guys the lovely patio they have going on.  The lights add a really nice tough and their outdoor couch is so comfy. Definitely a great spot for a date or girls night out.

couple having dinner

It was also the 4th of July!  We headed over to the Esplanade to watch the fireworks and catch some of the performance by the Boston Pops!  People actually camp out the night before to get a decent seat to watch the live orchestra perform to the fireworks!  Boston and Cambridge were beautiful and with so much history we didn’t have enough time to learn enough about it.  Can’t wait to go back in the near future 🙂

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