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Cheap and Cheerful – Ideas for getting out of the City during the Holidays

Everyone can appreciate a breather from the daily grind during the Holidays when stress levels can run high.  If booking expensive flights and hotels during the holidays is not your cup of tea, here are some ideas for having fun in and around Toronto without breaking the bank.

Montreal City

A 6 hour drive East of 6ix, Montreal is a Toronto road trip favorite and there’s plenty of reason why you should consider crossing over to Quebec to join in some winter favorites.

  • Enjoy a culinary experience at the Nordic Terrace under a yurt! Let the Foodlab grace your senses with a eclectic blend of digital and nomadic traditions. Sample smoked fish, grog, hot wine, cheese and more!  December-February : Tuesday to Friday – 5pm to 10pm
  • Ready to get your party on?  Buckle up and join one of the biggest winter music sensations – Igloofest!  This outdoor festival runs from January 16 – Feb 8, 2015.  Get your tickets here.
  • Montreal has a great selection of bars.  Check out favorites like Loïc, Datcha and Chez Dallaire 


Quebec City

Drive 2 hours east of Montreal City and you’ll reach the Capital of Quebec. Back in the summer I visited Quebec City and thoroughly enjoyed it’s European inspired architecture – I’m sure it is just as pretty dusted in snow and decked with festive lights.

  • Quebec Winter Carnival – Enjoy things like the Ice Palace, snow sculptures, canoe races on the river, dogsled races, night parades, snow baths and more! Runs from January 29 – Feb 14
  • If action is your thing, the Redbull Crashed Ice Competition is a must-see. Imagine a skating race along some of the city’s steepest streets with a breakneck speed!  November 27-28, Free admission
  • Do you love winter so much you wish the ice, snow and crisp air would stay forever?  The Ice Hotel is the perfect way to enjoy a unique experience in a beautiful venue carved of solid ice.



4 hours east of Toronto and you will find yourself in the Capital. One of Ottawa’s beauties is definitely the canal that makes for quite the backdrop to the Parliament buildings.

  • In the Winter, the Canal turns into an impressive skating rink, making it a second road for commuters and tourists to experience the capital from a totally different perspective.
  • Check out Aligh at Night – a scene of a million glittering lights adorning the Parks of St.Lawrence in Upper Canada Village.  Runs from December 4 –  January 2.


Ski and Spa

Winter sports are always a fun activity to do with friends and family. Only 2 hours north of Toronto, Blue Mountain is an easily accessible getaway. If you have a big enough group, consider renting out a private chalet. After running the hills in the day, relax and unwind at the nearby Scandinavian Spas!

What are your favorite local things to do during the holidays?  Comment below!

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