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7 Christmas Gift ideas for Travel Lovers

Christmas is just around the corner  – it’s a joyous time of the year, but it can also get quite stressful!  Do you know friends or family who love to travel?  Here are some gift ideas for the jet setter in your life.

1) Laptop/Electronics Organizer

thisisground MOD laptop
You don’t have to be a frequent flyer to understand the frustration of tangled up earphones or cords. Thisisground has an amazing Mod Laptop leather sleeve that has a compartment for basically all your electronics and important documents. This is a perfect gift for business travelers or designers who are always on the go.

2) Toiletry Bag

Toiletry bag

Perhaps not the most glamorous gift, but I can guarantee it will be one of those extremely practical items that he or she will thank you when it comes time for packing. Hotel counter space is usually limited, so this foldable toiletry bag that comes with a hook is perfect to maximize space without compromising your grooming routine.


3) DIY Polaroid on Clothesline

Polaroid Hanger

Add a creative and personal touch to your gift by showcasing his/her favorite travel moments on a clothesline! Great way to warm up any home and remind them everyday of all the adventures they’ve been on.

4) Cork Globe

Cork Globe from CB2
There is something so rewarding and exciting for travel lovers to visualize where they have been and where they have yet to explore. Help them keep track with this unique Cork Globe from CB2. It will look beautiful in any space and will be quite the conversation starter too!

5) 36 Hours in….

36 Hours in Europe
These 36 Hour books are great for getting a quick feel of what there is to see and do in the city of your choice. With maps and tips, this book comes in handy when you’re traveling abroad and have no access to wifi on the streets. There are plenty of versions from the Middle East to Europe!

6) Portable Charger

Starbucks Portable Charger
These things can literally be a life saver when you’re traveling. Never miss an opportunity to take a photo or google a place to eat because your phone ran out of juice! There are plenty of much more interesting chargers (like this cute Starbucks one) out there that aren’t just a block of plastic.

7) Stylish Passport Holder

Louis Vuitton Passport Holder
Traveling doesn’t have to be all sweatpants and sneakers. Let him or her travel in style with a luxurious Louis Vuitton passport holder. Personalize it with their initials and favorite colors and you’ve got a winning gift. Kate Spade and Indigo also have some great passport holders at a lower price point.

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An avid trailer with a thirst to experience this beautiful planet Earth as much as I can within my lifetime. People often travel to escape life. To escape the stress of work, to get away from something, or to take a breather from a seemingly boring lifestyle. I created Great Escapes to capture beautiful moments in my travels across the world in hopes of inspiring you to see travel not as a means to escape life, but for life not to escape us.


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