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Road to Hana

Driving to Hana is one of the most popular things to do in Maui. It is a one day mission as there is only one route that will take you to Hana. The bar was set pretty high as everyone we spoke to raved about the amazing scenery and beautiful waterfalls and bamboo forests to behold.  Along the way you will see very lush rainforest-like terrains, scattered fruit stands and hiking paths.
Fruit stand
One’uli is a black sand beach which is a pretty interesting stop if you have never seen one beforeIMG_4877
Some food stands to serve hungry drivers about halfway to Hana.IMG_4873IMG_4860IMG_4861
Arguably the most interesting thing on the drive is Kipahulu National Park where you can hike to see the ‘Ohe’O Gulch and the grand finale which is taking the Pipiwai trail to see the 400 foot Waimoku waterfall.  IMG_4898
The hike to Waimoku is a fairly easy 2.5mile trip one way.  You will see a lot of interesting landmarks along the way including some pineapple trees and this one tree that has trees growing from its branches!IMG_4880
By far my favorite part of the hike was going through a dense bamboo forest.  This part of the hike is very comfortable as there are clear trails and a boardwalk that takes you across the forest.  Bamboo
There are a number of waterfalls along the way that look beautiful against the lush greenery.  IMG_4899IMG_4879IMG_4868IMG_4911IMG_4909
At last, after hiking for about an hour you will reach the massive Waimoku waterfall.  IMG_4922
I would say the drive to Hana to hike this trail was worth it, but wasn’t too impressed by everything else in between.  Be very careful when driving the Hana highway as the roads are very narrow and windy and there are one-way roads every few minutes.  The speed limit is about 10-20mph throughout and limited restrooms and no gas stations once you get into the thick of Hana.  Leave early and take your time to admire the sights along the way 🙂

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