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2016 Winterlicious Top Picks

Between Jan 29 – Feb 11, enjoy a 3 course meal for a fixed price. This is a great chance to try out the plethora of dining options in Toronto. Also a great opportunity to hit up your coveted list of fancy restaurants that you would normally need to sacrifice a paycheck to entertain your tastebuds.  Here are my personal favorites based on past experience.

Canoe – Contemporary Canadian.  $28 Lunch // $45 Dinner
One of the most highly requested restaurants for Winterlicious/Summerlious, Canoe sits on top of the TD building on the 54th floor. Soak in the bird’s eye view of Toronto as you dine, or better yet, come during sunset for a extra special touch to your meal. The service is excellent and each dish is carefully crafted together like a work of art. Be prepared to experience a variety of unusual textures and tastes that Canoe aims to incorporate in all its seasonal dishes.
Where: 66 King Street West, 54th Floor (TD Tower)


Estiatorio Volos – Modern Greek.  $23 Lunch // $35 Dinner
This is no Jimmy the Greek. Volos offers quite the upscale dining experience and their dishes are very flavorful and well prepared. Try the super tender Atlantic Salmon and the deliciously floral Pressed Greek Yogurt with Honey.
Where: 133 Richmond Street West


BOSK – Asian-Canadian fusion.  $28 Lunch // $45 Dinner
Staff at the hotel will be gliding around in elegant traditional Chinese attire and your server will pour your water out of a glass tusk. BOSK ranks solidly across service, food and presentation. Relax in the lounge with a drink or some french macarons after the meal.
Where: 188 University Ave


Auberge du Pommier – French Classics.
Considered a highly request french dining destination, Auberge du Pommier immerses you in a woodcutter’s cottage complete with cozy wood burning fireplaces. Similar to Canoe, Auberge du Pommier offers a delightful experience for the palette in all of their seasonal dishes.
Where: 4150 Yonge Street

Sassafraz -French-Canadian fusion.  $23 Lunch // $45 Dinner
A clean and elegant restaurant situated in the heart of Yorkville. Sassafraz offers a romantic, dim-lit environment for you to enjoy a delicious meal. Sit by the living wall and waterfall to complete the experience.
Where: 100 Cumberland Street

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