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V-day in Toronto

The moment New Years Eve activity wraps up, retail stores are suddenly decked out in pink and red hearts and boxes of chocolates wrapped in delicate bows.  Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be the cheesy and cliche roses and fancy dinner.  Make it fun this year with your significant other or your girl friends with a unique experience!

Chocolate truffles on a brown table

Sweet Tooth Duo
What’s more thoughtful than buying your sweetheart a box of chocolates? Making them together! Toronto offers some fun courses on making your favorite confectionaries from chocoalte to french macarons.  In fact, this would be a perfect girls night out option too for the single ladies.
Purdy’s Truffle Making Class
Le Dolci’s Cupcake making or Parisian Macaron class


Artistic Couples
This is a great opportunity to get creative with paint cafes! They offer classes or free style options. Just purchase a canvas, and you have access to all the paint and tools needed to create your masterpiece. They usually have a cafe or bar in the lounge as well, so you can sip on your favorite tea or vino in a relaxed setting.


Energizer Bunnies
Not the type that likes to sit still? Want to do something active to bring the two of you closer? Release your energy in fun group activities like dancing or rock climbing or even something crazy like how to fly on a trapeze!
Salsa DancingSteps Dance Studio, Toronto Dance Salsa
Rock ClimbingThe Rock Oasis, Toronto Climbing Academy
Toronto Circus School – Arial Arts, Flying Trapeze, Trampoline


Bartending Course
Valentine’s Day is ubiquitous with loosening up and relaxing with a drink. Why not learn to make your own with a bartending class? BartenderOne offers a comprehensive introduction to the foundations of making a great cocktail. You can learn a few party tricks and sip on your own handcrafted drinks!
Bartender One


Up for something outside of the city? Everyone’s been talking about this, and it definitely is an ideal weekend excape (Valentine’s Day does fall on a long weekend!). Rent an Airbnb or a room in Muskoka and skate with your sweetheart down the 1.3km skating trail in the heart of the forest.
Ice Skating trail
Deerhurst Resort

Hope these ideas help spice things up for Vday!  Let me know what is your favorite way of spending time with your significant other/friends? 🙂

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