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Toronto Cafes you Need to Check Out

There’s nothing like sipping a steamy latte on a lazy Sunday afternoon as you casually people watch or read your favorite book.  This is starting to become a weekend tradition of mine so I’m sharing some of my favorite spots 🙂


A beautiful Parisian inspired cafe right next to the Thompson Hotel on King and Portland. Colette boasts a bakery, bar, and lounge all cleverly divided with different atmospheres and decor. Aside form grabbing a cup of coffee served in a delicate porcelain white cup, you’ll want to try their brunch menu which includes classics like Eggs Benedict on a croissant or their Lemon Ricotta Pancakes.

NEO Coffee Bar

If you enjoy Japanese desserts, you will LOVE this place. NEO makes their desserts and coffees in house. You can watch the pastry chef decorate freshly baked green tea swiss rolls as you sip on your matcha latte. The design of the cafe is also very Japan-esque – clean cut and simple.

Field Trip Cafe

Just west of Ossington is a a humble little cafe with a generous patio for sun lounging as you enjoy freshly baked treats and a mean cup of coffee. Stay there long enough and you will catch whiffs of freshly baked pastries out of the oven wafting through the air. Their Cherry Chocolate Muffin and Oatmeal Cookies are heavenly.

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